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Motor Insurance DatabaseThe Motor Insurance Database (MID) has been developed by the Motor Insurers' Information Centre (MIIC) on behalf of the motor insurance industry to combat the problem of uninsured driving and the associated costs to insurers, and ultimately, to all policyholders. The MIIC website has more information about the MID project.

The Database is also used to trace insurers in response to enquiries made under the Fourth EU Motor Insurance Directive.

This Directive gives EU citizens the right to know the identity of a liable insurer in the event of an accident in a Member State other than the victim's own.

More information is available on the MIIC website.

As a result of this Directive, since 19 January 2003, all policyholders with motor trade insurance policies have been required by law to provide up-to-date details of the vehicles covered by their insurance, to populate the MID. Some motor trade insurers require this to be done by submission of data via the website:

The Law says that you must enter details of vehicles you intend to use on the road as soon as possible after acquisition and within no more than 14 days.

If you do not do this the Police have the power of impounding the vehicle and up to a £5,000 fine could be imposed.

It is equally important to take vehicles off the database when you sell them. If you do not, you could allow a future owner to claim on your policy if he does not insure the vehicle himself.

Although there is only one MID all insurers have a different method which they wish you to use to input details. The most frequently used Motor trade Insurance companies instructions are set out below:





Arista require you to input the vehicles yourself directly onto the MID database. Neither ourselves or Arista can do this for you.

You will need to obtain a security code and password to access the website for the first time in order to load and update your vehicles. This can be obtained from the Equity Red Star MID helpdesk on 0870 787 4290 (open 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

Have your policy number and e-mail address with you when you ring. You should only have to do this once. If the password is not used within a month you may have to repeat the process.



The MID helpline is 0800 0289566. Ring this number and LV will set you up so that you can access the MID and change vehicles directly.

ternatively email the MID team on [email protected]






NIG require you to enter details directly onto the database yourself

STEP 1 - You need to obtain a password from NIG on their Helpdesk number 0845 609 0689. Have your policy number and e-mail address with you when you phone.

STEP 2 - NIG will send by e-mail and Access code which will enable you to access the database and set up your initial record. You will only need to do this once.

STEP 3 - Once you have the access code, connect to and follow the simple instructions to set up your initial record and enter your current vehicles.





MMA will input the data for you. All you need do is to click on link below and list the changes.  

You will need only your policy number and postal code. When entering your policy number leave out the front 4 or 5 digits which may be like MT01A.



The motor trade extranet from Chaucer Insurance uses the latest in technology
platforms to provide an intuitive system that guides its users through all aspects of generating a quote and the management of policy holders details.

To update MID information on the system please access the extranet on the following link and navigate to the MID section:


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